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CITIZEN FOOD DAY: “Eat local on September 21, 2018”

Đăng lúc: Thứ năm - 05/10/2017 22:54 - Người đăng bài viết: quanly
Eat local, or more local than usual, on September 21, 2018, with our family, neighbors, or friends, with our community or an organization, at work, or in the neighborhood… this, in short, is the plan!
 It will be a chance to regain control over our food. It will express, internationally, the responsibility each of us has to take “one small individual step,” which, added to many others, can add up to “one giant leap” for humankind… This is the meaning of Citizen Food Day, which will be celebrated in the most decentralized way possible in as many countries, communities, and families as possible!
          It will also be a chance to share a friendly, healthier meal!

What is the purpose of Citizen Food Day?

          Currently, in the large majority of the countries of the planet, more and more of the food available to people comes from long agri-food chains. It is often made up of agricultural products from various countries. These long industrialized food chains are inherently fragile, can carry health risks, and potentially lead to health crises difficult to manage. They are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Food systems contribute 35% of total greenhouse gas emissions around the planet. They are therefore a very large contributing factor to current climate change.

Food that is more local

          At the same time, food systems in every continent are tending to relocate within local areas and around small and large cities. This new grounding of food in local areas has led to the development of shorter circuits, urban and suburban farming, new relationships between producers and consumers, farming and fishing practices more connected with the conservation of nature and the will to produce healthy food, and sustainable collective catering supplied by more local food including, in some cases, organic produce. Millions of experiences are moving in this direction worldwide. The trend is being driven by citizens but also by local authorities engaged in devising new forms of food governance in their cities and regions. The 2016 Milan Urban Food Policy Pact has been signed by 148 cities so far. This is indicative of a will to develop sustainable food systems relocated to cities and urban areas. It also expresses a will to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, obtain better health for the public, preserve biodiversity and natural resources, and set up the conditions for “good living” (buen vivir). 

          Establishing food systems that are more connected to the local area, less dependent on oil extraction, and more autonomous can contribute to building more resilient and sustainable life styles and societies.
We are not dogmatic about local sourcing.<0} But “eating local or more local than usual” begs the question of what local or more local and healthier than usual means, as well as of what power we have over food. The event will be an opportunity to share these questions with our friends, neighbors, or those we will have met on this occasion. This individual and collective questioning about our food and the process of connecting around food is what we feel is most important in our effort to point local and more international societies in the direction of sustainability and “buen vivir.”

Citizen Food Day, or expressing our citizen power over food

          A large share of our planet’s inhabitants are becoming increasingly dependent for food on large companies, capital, and power beyond their reach. Taking back citizen power over food at the individual, family, and community levels and considering food as a common good to be cared for collectively are significant focal points for building the future.
          To amplify the process of relocating food systems, heightening resilience, and increasing citizen power over our food, we will take part in this international day of citizen action locally, which should also crystallize many of the planet’s inhabitants’ desire to take a step together in the direction of more sustainable societies.
Citizen Food Day, September 21

          Citizen Food Day will be on September 21, around the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere and the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere. The equinox is when daytime is equal to nighttime. The importance of this choice is related to its significance for the whole of humans on our planet. The equinox has always been a period of collective celebration. “Eating local” activities will take place on Friday September 21, 2018 and during the week of September 17 to 23. Citizen Food Day will then be celebrated every year thereafter.
          Citizen Food Day is an invitation for every citizen, family, organization, community, and local authority to take action… The day will highlight and strengthen, internationally, all initiatives going in the direction of sustainable food systems. It will constitute an important international moment engaging a large number of inhabitants in a positive dynamic to limit greenhouse gas emissions and thus fight against climate change.

Decentralized action

Meals will be organized essentially with local products, or more local than usual. All kinds of meals, from morning to evening ones, will be an occasion to eat local and healthy in a friendly atmosphere. The meals could be made at home with family and friends, or outside, collectively. The event will be promoted by citizens, families, groups of neighbors, organizations, NGOs, platforms, networks, communities, local authorities, cities, etc., offering to organize all kinds of meals with local products.
Festivals, debates, and all sorts of meetings will also be planned during CITIZEN FOOD DAY.
One of the conditions for the success of Citizen Food Day will also be its international display. Information on our local event will be spread through social networks, blogs and websites.
Sign the call for CITIZEN FOOD DAY and prepare Citizen Food Day at your place of residence to “eat local on September 21, 2018.”

Contact Pierre Vuarin dir@uitc-edu.org, Gloria Bigne coord@uitc-edu.org

“Eat local on September 21, 2018”
      On September 21, 2018, we will eat local—or more local than usual—products, healthy, sustainable products, in a friendly atmosphere.      
      We will do so with our family, among neighbors,
            at an organization or community meal,
            at school, at work, at a restaurant,
            or in some other setting, which we will invent.
Our intention will be to bring the act of eating closer to the act of producing.
We will avoid less healthy food containing a mix of products derived from long industrialized food chains.
      It will be a way for us to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
We will also do this for our health, and to support small-scale farming and fishing, and all other initiatives concurring with shorter, more resilient food chains,
            which we know generate jobs and are more sustainable.
By this concrete act we will be exercising our power as citizens
over what food we choose to buy and eat.
We will have this meal on September 21 (around the equinox)
at the same time as many other inhabitants of our planet Earth will do.
Our wish is to give ourselves pleasure and strength, and to contribute to building more resilient, sustainable societies and a future for humanity.
We, the people, communities, elected officials, and organizations, commit to organizing, on this first September 21, 2018 Citizen Food Day, meals and initiatives in a variety of forms and to share knowledge of our event with others.
Contacts: UITC Pierre Vuarin dir@uitc-edu.org, Gloria Bigne coord@uitc-edu.org
Tác giả bài viết: uitc-edu.org
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